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2019 at the Wisconsin Asset Facility

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The Spring of 2019 saw the beginning of several transitional changes at the Wisconsin Asset Facility. As volumes of devices increased, we were challenged to improve our operations and processes to be more efficient and safe. New team members were added, job responsibilities were re- defined, new safety procedures were implemented, and a new certification was achieved.

One of the most common items we manage at the Asset Facility are batteries. These batteries can be dangerous if not properly handled and managed in a safe environment. To prevent thermal events and to keep our employees safe, we implanted preventive extraction processes and fire suppression technology.

In addition to improving safety, we made adjustments to our security processes. As a result of these changes, the URT Wisconsin Asset Facility is now NAID Certified! What is NAID? It’s the National Association of Information Destruction. NAID AAA certification verifies that a service provider meets stringent qualifications for secure information destruction. The certification specifications pertain to more than 20 areas of operational and security requirements including particle size, transport, video surveillance, access control, employee screening and training, and written policies and procedures. The certification will also open new customer relationship.

2020 looks to be another busy year for the URT as we try to look for new ways to wholesale our refurbished PCs and Laptops, process products more efficiently, look for efficiencies in de-manufacturing while finding new downstream vendors to increase revenue.

Gary Clark, Wisconsin Asset Facility, Plant Manager

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