As the recycling industry’s trusted leader, we provide full-service electronic waste and universal waste recycling to everyone from municipalities and governments to individual consumers. Our complete transparency gives customers the peace of mind to know their materials have been processed exactly as promised.

Doing great things for the recycling industry.

We’re on a mission to become the market leader in electronic and universal waste management. Focused on the innovation of technologies through a commitment to continuous improvement, we exist to serve our customers and the earth. Every day we do our part to protect the earth and the liability of our customers through our ethical, safe and secure recycling processes. Our ethical business philosophy instills trust and delivers unparalleled value to our customers—providing them peace-of-mind knowing that their materials have been processed exactly as promised.

Nobody handles materials like we do.

Our operations excel through rigourous processes which we continually improve to advance the standards of our industry for efficiency, safety and security. Through the deployment of our proprietary recycling systems, our facilities are highly efficient. Our 140,000 square foot headquarters and other supporting locations were designed to handle vast processing capacities efficiently while maintaining the highest standards for safety and security.

Safety is at the center of our operations.

The safety and well-being of our people, our customers and the planet are central to our operations. We understand that we have a cradle-to-grave responsibility and duty to protect the liability of our customers and preserve and ensure the sustainability of our planet. By investing in the training of our people, we educate them to ensure their ability to properly handle all hazardous materials that come through our facilities and operate our systems safely.

We take security seriously.

Our facilities were designed taking every step necessary to keep customer data safe and secure. Unlike other recyclers who outsource services to third-party vendors, our customers’ materials stay with us—we manage 100 percent of the process from start to finish. Following strict data protocols and adhering to the stringent standards of NIST, we provide customers peace-of-mind knowing their materials will not leave our secure facilities until they’re properly wiped, tested and verified as completely destroyed or refurbished.

NAID Certified

We exceed standards.

URT takes pride in our home-grown proprietary processes that have earned stamps of approval from our industries top certifying entities. We’re a registered collector in every state that we operate and 100 percent compliant with the EPA holding ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and e-Stewards certifications. Our certifications ensure consistency and enable us to build and retain strong trusted relationships with our customers.

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Want to join our team?

We’re always looking for smart, dedicated individuals to join our team. Whether you’re an experienced recycling professional, or an individual with care and concern for the environment, there’s a place for you within our organization. Please use the form below to inquire about current career opportunities at URT.