Since 2003, URT has provided unparalleled service and invaluable innovations to the recycling industry. Inspired by our proud past, we look ahead towards our future with an unwavering and continued commitment to do great things for the recycling industry.

Before URT, CRT

CRT Processing, LLC was formed by Don Seiler and Jim Cornwell in 2003 to process electronic waste (e-waste) including cathode ray tube (CRT) glass-to-glass recycling. It was one of only a handful in the nation, and the only Midwestern firm, to do so at the time. As an engineer, Seiler designed advanced processing equipment capable of breaking down electronic component parts for safe and responsible recycling. This allowed CRT to process e-waste in-house for its customers, making the company an exceptionally trustworthy partner for big business. With a long and respected career in universal waste management, Cornwell worked with Seiler to develop a vision for the future that included the development of multiple lines of universal recycling services and products.

Rapid Expansion

The partnership of these visionary owners set the stage for rapid expansion. In 2007, the company was noticed and then acquired by the Hendricks Holding Co. of Beloit, WI. Hendricks Holding Co. was founded by the late Ken Hendricks and is now owned and operated by his wife, Diane Hendricks. Almost immediately after the Hendricks partnership, CRT Processing acquired Uniwaste Systems in Portsmouth, NH and acquired Environmental Light Recyclers, a fluorescent lamp processing facility in Fort Worth, TX. In 2009, CRT continued to grow, opening a West Coast e-waste processing facility in Clackamas, OR; acquiring Resource Technology, a fluorescent lamp recycling equipment sales and service company; and introducing WasteSecure, a pre-paid pack-and-ship box program for fluorescent lamp and battery recycling.

URT: Poised for the Future

By late 2009, it was clear that CRT Processing, LLC had expanded far beyond the “CRT processing” that first brought it acclaim. With its full-service universal waste recycling service and product lines, it was time for a new name to match the company’s expanded mission. In January 2010, CRT Processing, LLC became Universal Recycling Technologies, LLC or URT.

Remembering Don Seiler

CEO and founder Don Seiler was a driving force at URT and a honorable man who unexpectedly passed away in 2009. While everyone who knew and loved Don will never truly recover from his loss, he would be proud to know that his hard work over many years has paid remarkable dividends. The company he envisioned is a reality. It supports hundreds of employees and their families, provides industry-leading services and truly makes a difference in the world through responsible recycling. He left quite a legacy. President Jim Cornwell and the entire URT team are honored to carry on the tradition of excellence he began, living up to the high standards that were his hallmark