IT Asset Disposition

URT is a full-service IT asset disposition and equipment recycler. Our experience providing secure collection, transportation, data destruction, and proper recycling enables us to assist customers across industries with their equipment processing and recycling needs. Our goal with every customer is to help them turn their obsolete electronic and computer assets into revenue.

Turning obsolete assets into revenue

URT helps their customers maximize the return on their IT investment by capturing the remaining value of their assets. URT’s asset management program begins with logistics management-collecting and recording each item into their personal customer site and securing items for transport to URT processing centers.

Asset Material Management Process

Upon arrival at a URT processing center, our receiving process captures and records the platform, make, model and serial number, accompanied by the item count and weight count, using bar-code scan technology for accuracy and simplicity. Our ITAD professionals then identify any equipment that can be refurbished, as well as identifies and extracts component parts from equipment that retains value and can be remarketed using URT Triage Guidelines. Under these guidelines, materials may receive one of three dispositions available:

Asset: Material follows URT’s Asset Recovery Service work instruction. This service attempts to refurbish, recover and return a portion of the item’s value to its original owner. Successful items result in resale. Failed items are reclassified to non-asset.

Non-Asset: Material follows URT’s Non-Asset Recycle process. This allows the item to be dismantled into resalable commodities for downstream vendors.

Special Projects: Special project items follow the unique, required steps provided by a customer and detailed on a URT Special Project form. URT employees assigned to special projects receive supplemental training to support unique needs.

Asset Processing

We’re the industry’s responsible partner. Every piece of equipment that comes to our facilities containing data is processed first in URT’s on-site data security department to ensure that all data destruction is completed in a secure environment. Our data destruction processes were designed to process assets in accordance with the strictest security protocols that meet state and federal regulations and recommendations, including U.S. Department of Defense and National Institute of Standards and Technology requirements.

Remarketing Expertise

While URT often purchases used equipment outright from our customers for processing, we also offer shared revenue programs for asset remarketing. URT’s trained experts seek the highest value available for equipment and share the true worth of obsolete electronics submitted for refurbishing. Our knowledge of the secondary market supports accurate assessments to maximize value, helping customers recover a portion of the capital invested in information technology.

Retailer Return Program

URT’s retailer recalls and returns program is designed specifically for retailers seeking a safe and reliable way to handle product recalls and consumer returns. URT’s extensive knowledge of retail operations ensures customers an efficient, dependable and convenient program created with the needs of the retail industry foremost in mind. The program provides secure shipments, detailed product tracking, convenient reporting and comprehensive recycling/disposal that improve efficiency.