Universal Waste

URT provides nationwide collection and recycling for all types of universal waste including lamps, batteries, mercury-containing devices, lighting ballasts and more. Because of the dangerous and toxic materials contained in these products, proper recycling is both required and mandated by various state and federal agencies.

Our Processes

With URT our customers can rest assured knowing that their products will be recycled responsibly, conveniently and in a competitive manner that meets and exceeds every compliance standard. With multiple state-of-the-art facilities. we’re structured to process huge volumes of product daily so that our customers avoid costly and inconvenient delays. Our in-house recycling process provides our customers with added confidence that every requirement is attended to without fail.

Fluorescent Lamp Recycling

Today’s energy efficient fluorescent lamps are ever-present and provide many environmental and efficiency benefits. However, they must be recycled properly and in accordance with local, state, federal and industry guidelines. URT provides full-service and comprehensive lamp recycling services that ensure our customers’ lamps will be recycled quickly, safely and in full compliance with all requirements.

Upon receipt of boxed lamps, URT personnel opens each box and take an item-by-item inventory count of lamps. Broken lamps are segregated from intact lamps, weighed, and immediately contained in the lamp processing area to prevent spread of mercury-contaminated materials. Once sorted, lamps are transported to URT’s Fort Worth, TX or Dover, NH facility for final processing.

Battery Recycling

Batteries contain multiple corrosive materials that pose a liability and make proper disposal imperative. URT’s full-service and comprehensive battery services recycle batteries quickly, safely and in full compliance with all local, state. federal and industry requirements.

Batteries accepted for processing or transport are sorted by type and contained in drums for transport and storage. Upon receipt of battery shipments, URT personnel inspect, weigh and temporarily store as universal waste for transport to the batteries’ final recycling destination.

Ballast Recycling

The Environmental Protection Agency banned the manufacture of all lighting ballasts using PCBs in 1978. Today, both PCB-containing and non-PCB ballasts are regulated by various agencies to ensure proper recycling. URT provides full-service and comprehensive lighting ballast recycling services. We provide our customers peace-of-mind knowing their materials will be recycled quickly, safely and in full compliance with all local, state, federal and industry requirements.

Upon receipt, fluorescent lighting ballasts and drums are opened, inspected and sorted to ensure that potentially PCB-containing ballasts are accounted for. The materials are then consolidated and sent to a downstream processor.

Mercury-Containing Devices

Mercury is found in many devices critical to business processes. yet it Is highly toxic and requires great care during disposal. URT provides full-service and comprehensive recycling services for all types of mercury-containing devices. Our experience managing recycling programs for this highly regulated substance is unparalleled.