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Spanish Authorities Suspend Major Glass Consumer

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One of the largest CRT glass consumers has been suspended in accepting the material by Spanish authorities.  Comacho Recycling has been the leading destination for CRT glass exports from the U.S. and Europe over the past three years until recently. The company has been praised for using the recycled CRT glass as a solution to the potential depletion of other resources when making ceramic tiles. While the decision is not final, Spanish authorities want Comacho and other tile manufacturers to obtain hazardous waste permits in an attempt to standardize the process.

We, at URT, are treating the situation as a final decision by Spanish authorities. While Comacho has been a strong partner, we have established other North American partnerships to offset any potential disruptions in shipping CRT glass.

“In order to really make it a non-issue, we need to have our own solution and/or relationships with multiple downstream quality vendors and partners that allow us to move material with very little impact to costing or pricing with our customers. If Spain EPA decides to revert back to the old way of doing business, I think it’ll be beneficial to a lot of U.S. processors.”  – Jeff Gloyd, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

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Posted by URT Marketing


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