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URT Reaches 1 Billion Pound Milestone

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Universal Recycling Technologies (URT) has proudly processed over one billion pounds of electronic and universal waste material. Reaching the one billion milestone is partly due to their leadership in working with OEM’s and becoming a major ITAD provider. One billion pounds is approximately forty thousand school buses or seventy-seven thousand elephants. According to a 2016 report by National Geographic, “Imagine a 176-pound (80 kilogram) pile of discarded products with a battery or plug in your living room. That’s how much e-waste the average American household of four throws out every year.”  This means that URT has serviced about 5.6 million homes.

Since its nation-wide establishment in 2008, business operations have excelled through rigorous processes that continually improve to advance the standards of the e-scrap recycling industry for efficiency, safety and security.

“We focus on the innovation of technologies through a commitment to continuous improvement, we exist to serve our customers and the earth,” said Jim Cornwell, President, Universal Recycling Technologies. “Every day we do our part to protect the earth and the liability of our customers through our ethical, safe and secure recycling processes. Our ethical business philosophy instills trust and delivers unparalleled value to our customers—providing them peace-of-mind knowing that their materials have been processed exactly as promised.”

URT has continued to ensure electronic and universal waste does not end up in landfills where hazardous materials can leach into the water.

“The safety and well-being of our people, our customers and the planet are central to our operations. We understand that we have a cradle-to-grave responsibility and duty to protect the liability of our customers and preserve and ensure the sustainability of our planet,” said Jeff Gloyd, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, URT.

Universal Recycling Technologies is a full-service IT asset disposition and equipment recycler with five facilities positioned strategically throughout the United States. URT provides complete transparency with secure collection, transportation, data destruction and certified recycling processes. To find your local e-scrap collection site, visit https://urtsolutions.com/locations/.


We are E-Stewards certified!

Posted by URT Marketing


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