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The Success of Sustainability

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“Consumers increasingly demand that their favorite brands take a stand on today’s big issues — and that includes sustainability”(Earth911). The younger generation is shifting their spending and consumption habits towards businesses practicing eco-friendly methods and producing sustainable products. According to a report by the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), 93% of global consumers expect more of the brands they use to support local social and environmental issues (WasteAdvantage Magazine). As more brands establish personal connections to their consumers via social media, the more consumers expect brands to participate in causes the consumers care about. As a result, businesses have seen a rise in profitability when promoting their efforts toward ecological responsibilities. Consumers will pay more for businesses “supporting social and political causes…”(Earth911). According to Earth911, “running a business with sustainability in mind can be good for both the planet and your business”. Follow these three steps to help your business become a successful and sustainable company:

  1. Write Sustainability into Your Mission Statement
  2. Mind the Planet During Product Development
  3. Encourage Sustainability Outside the Office


For more detail on these three steps, visit: 3 Essential Steps to Starting a Sustainable Company

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