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Running in Ocean Waste?

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More companies are taking responsibility for the growing environmental concerns. They have noticed consumers are showing more appreciation for businesses with a dedication to causes they care about. People are willing to spend more money on a product produced by a company with non-profit efforts for the greater good of society. One if the biggest trends in recent years is the popularity of companies with non-profit initiatives to find global solutions for a more sustainable future environment.


Adidas is one of the largest athletic-wear manufacturers in the world with a recent history of making eco-friendly efforts to its’ packaging. “Working with Greenpeace, Adidas has laid out milestones towards its goal to be toxic-free by 2020”(GreenPeace.org). One of their milestones was met by collaborating with the environmental group, Parley for the Oceans back in 2015. Last year, adidas produced more than five million pairs of shoes and a variety of football jerseys from upcycled plastic ocean waste. More than forty tons of plastic waste was saved in the company’s offices, retail stores, warehouses, and distribution centers worldwide (WasteAdvantageMag.com).

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