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Janesville, WI: 2019 A Year in Review

posted by URT Marketing

The Janesville, WI facility saw another busy year of change and progress.  Our production of vitrified compound for the manufacture of ceramic floor tiles continued to be a large focus throughout the year.  We were able to increase shipments of the processed material to our newest partners. When the year began, our WI operation was shipping a large volume of the product. By the end of the year, the demand had doubled.  To help satisfy the new demand, the WI team partnered with the URT Dover, NH plant and responded to the heavy volume increase.

In addition to the CRT glass process, a new system for processing plastic from CRT TV’s is being installed. The new process will enhance the quality and value of the plastic materials.  It will process TV plastic down to pieces that will be readily marketable to plastic processors as a cleaner and more user ready plastic product.

Looking into 2020, URT WI will be working to streamline these processes and continue to improve upon others with a goal of providing better end products along with cost savings through automation.  Everyone at the facility is focused on the future and invested in the changes as we work to improve our value to our customers.  URT WI is positioned to have a very busy and very successful 2020!

– Randy Call, Corporate Production Manager

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