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Dover, New Hampshire Facility: 2019 Review

posted by URT Marketing

“2019 has been a fast-paced and exciting year for URT Dover. We started this year learning our new glass processing technology. With the help and guidance of many of our own experts we were able to avoid the lengthy learning curve others may have gone through. We’ve replaced virtually all of our old conveyors with trough conveyors. This has helped uptime and efficiency. The supervisor, leads, and maintenance have worked closely to continuously improve our processes. We are always striving for “a little bit more”.


This past summer, we helped a Landlord in Maine clear his building. The tenant was a competitor of ours, and we received and processed approximately one million pounds of e-waste. This was done over the course of two months, filtering in between our regular customers. In 2020 we will be approved to be a consolidator for the State of Maine. 2019 was our second largest year for receipts, but we hope 2020 will be our biggest year receiving over 30 million pounds of e-waste.


URT facility supervisors have worked hard to build a great culture at our facility. Employees are more engaged and are sharing ideas that make the process safer and faster. We are constantly monitoring and planning how the material will flow most efficiently through our processes. Teamwork makes the dream work!


Each of us at the Dover Facility would like to thank everyone at URT for your continued support and assistance throughout 2019. We wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season, and may 2020 be everyone’s best year yet.”

– Keith Simpson, Plant Manager of New Hampshire Facility



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