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CRT glass and Ceramic Tile Manufacturers

posted by URT Marketing

URT in collaboration with tile manufacturers and engineers has designed a process to convert CRT glass into a product which tile manufacturers use in replacement of raw materials.  This process converts the CRT to a fine powder while adding a mixture of other fluxes to produce a vitrified compound for ceramic.

Converting CRT glass into a product ends the liability associated with CRT as a waste material.   This compound material we produce is a product recognized by both State and Federal entities and our customers.  We have specifications and quality requirements that we meet or exceed to ensure our customers can receive the material.  This product replaces a portion of the raw materials that tile manufactures have been using for decades to produce tiles sold throughout the world.

Each production process can generate one load of compound per shift.  URT has the ability to design and operate multiple production lines to expand production capabilities at one or multiple sites.

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