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Am I Working With A Trusted Recycling Processor?

posted by URT Marketing

Corporations are now pressured by consumers and the government to recycle materials properly.  Consumers are notably doing more business with companies making conscious efforts to provide ‘eco-friendly’ changes to their products, and companies who claim to keep recyclable materials out of landfills.  This has driven companies to work with recycling processors.  However, not all processors are transparent in how they dispose of the materials they collect.  While corporations are more closely monitored for their disposal practices, who is monitoring the recycling processors?


The recycling market is constantly changing.  New federal regulations and requirements are created as technology changes to ensure safe and standardized practices are enforced.  Adjusting to the new regulations can be a costly effort resulting in a number of processors alternatively choosing to “cut-corners” to keep business with higher profits.  These actions by other processors has led to a growth of non-profit organizations designed to hold the recycling businesses more accountable to biding by government requirements.  E-Stewards and NAID are just two of the standard-setting programs created to help identify recycling businesses dedicated to compliance.  While certifications may have different requirements, they all require rigorous auditing and licensing. These certifications are an added effort to ensure consumers and businesses work with trusted recycling processors.


Having more businesses follow the industry-standard programs has exposed many recycling processors for their “…discrepancies in collection logs, including inflated counts of materials and falsified names and addresses of individuals who supposedly discarded the electronic waste, as well as a lack of source information…”(WasteToday Magazine).  According to WasteToday Magazaine, one of the most recent cases of fraud in the industry revealed a “…California e-scrap handler falsified names and data to receive payments for discarded electronic materials.”  The multiyear investigation resulted in a six-figure restitution, which has ended the company altogether.


For over 16 years, URT has been committed to giving our customers a transparent business experience that instills trust and delivers unparalleled value – through our honest pricing, open operations and reliable follow-through.  URT is proud to have recently processed over one-billion pounds of waste using safe, secure, certified, legal, and ethical procedures.

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