Shredding System

URT's proprietary "Seiler" separation and shredding system is uniquely designed to handle both whole units and e-waste commodities/components. The system is divided into three stages for maximum effectiveness and recovery:


The Seiler separation system begins with gross separation which allows for the best recovery of plastics, stainless steel and other bulk materials prior to shredding.


The primary shredder is a hydraulic shred system designed to reduce the size of metals and circuit board materials for further separation and recovery. After shredding, the processed material moves through a series of magnets to recover ferrous metals. The remaining processed material proceeds through an Eddy Current separator to remove non-ferrous metal from the stream prior to further reduction.


The material then enters a secondary shredder designed to further reduce material size and liberate additional ferrous and nonferrous metals, and the material again flows through series of magnets to further remove ferrous metal content. In the final step, the circuit board containing items are recovered.