At URT, we form partnerships with OEMs to help them meet and adhere to recycling requirements enforced by the states in which they manufacture and sell goods. Additionally, we structure, implement and manage OEM takeback programs to ensure their compliance and brand reputation along with data management needs are met. OEMs look to us as the an expert in IT Asset Disposition and universal and electronic waste recycling. We help educate and inform our customers to help them make the right decision.

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Plastic Recovery in Texas

Our facility in Fort Worth, Texas is proud to be located within the sixth state to pass legislation for plastic recovery. The HB 1953 legislation focuses on new technologies and other unique uses for recycled plastic in an effort to keep the material from ending up in landfills. With new technology, there is already a […]

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The Potential of Plastic Waste

We know our electronics contain precious metals that can easily be reused, but what happens to the plastic pieces holding our electronics together? We’ve mentioned Adidas for fashioning ocean plastic waste into top-selling shoes and clothing. Other countries have experimented with plastic waste to build roads and buildings. In India, scientists have found an efficient […]

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Running in Ocean Waste?

More companies are taking responsibility for the growing environmental concerns. They have noticed consumers are showing more appreciation for businesses with a dedication to causes they care about. People are willing to spend more money on a product produced by a company with non-profit efforts for the greater good of society. One if the biggest […]

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