At URT, we partner with businesses across a wide array of industries to ensure their compliance and brand reputation along with data management needs are met. We can tailor programs to meet the needs of almost any business. With our facilities strategically located within different regions of the United States, businesses with multi locations can use a single vendor to manage all their IT Asset Disposition and universal and electronic waste recycling needs throughout their organization. Businesses look to us as the expert and we want to help educate and inform our customers to help them make the right decision.

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Janesville, WI: 2019 A Year in Review

The Janesville, WI facility saw another busy year of change and progress.  Our production of vitrified compound for the manufacture of ceramic floor tiles continued to be a large focus throughout the year.  We were able to increase shipments of the processed material to our newest partners. When the year began, our WI operation was […]

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Happy Holidays!

At URT, we are thankful to have a wonderful team full of hard-working and dedicated people. This December, we celebrated our 2019 successes at each facility with our Annual Holiday Meal.  Thank you to our team at the Texas, Oregon, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin facilities! We hope you are all enjoying this holiday season!

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Dover, New Hampshire Facility: 2019 Review

“2019 has been a fast-paced and exciting year for URT Dover. We started this year learning our new glass processing technology. With the help and guidance of many of our own experts we were able to avoid the lengthy learning curve others may have gone through. We’ve replaced virtually all of our old conveyors with […]

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