At URT, we partner with businesses across a wide array of industries to ensure their compliance and brand reputation along with data management needs are met. We can tailor programs to meet the needs of almost any business. With our facilities strategically located within different regions of the United States, businesses with multi locations can use a single vendor to manage all their IT Asset Disposition and universal and electronic waste recycling needs throughout their organization. Businesses look to us as the expert and we want to help educate and inform our customers to help them make the right decision.

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Industry needs enforcement, not new laws

The electronic recycling industry is reeling – that much, we can agree on. We’ve been decimated by a historic decline in commodities markets and are getting paid less and less every day for the crucial recycling services we offer. The truth is the industry can’t go on like this much longer. Many recyclers in this […]

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Winter seems to have finally arrived. As the snow slowly piles up in the north, let’s reflect on warmer days. In June of 2015, URT’s staff were able to visit sunny Hawaii and spend time with our island partners and customers.  In addition to viewing e-waste collection locations (and a couple of beaches!), the URT […]

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Hello & Join the Conversation: URT’s Blog!

At URT, we are very excited about launching this blog in preparation for the relaunching of our company’s website. We hope you’ll become a regular visitor to our site and participate in our discussions! In this blog, we will share information about our industry and why all IT asset disposition companies and equipment recyclers are […]

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