At URT, we partner with businesses across a wide array of industries to ensure their compliance and brand reputation along with data management needs are met. We can tailor programs to meet the needs of almost any business. With our facilities strategically located within different regions of the United States, businesses with multi locations can use a single vendor to manage all their IT Asset Disposition and universal and electronic waste recycling needs throughout their organization. Businesses look to us as the expert and we want to help educate and inform our customers to help them make the right decision.

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Spanish Authorities Suspend Major Glass Consumer

One of the largest CRT glass consumers has been suspended in accepting the material by Spanish authorities.  Comacho Recycling has been the leading destination for CRT glass exports from the U.S. and Europe over the past three years until recently. The company has been praised for using the recycled CRT glass as a solution to […]

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ILCSWMA 2018 Conference

We were happy to attend a panel discussion and provide our insight at the Illinois County Solid Waste Management Association (ILCSWMA) 2018 conference last week.  

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Plastic Sorting and Sampling Management Guide

In order to find the best management practices for sorting plastics, entities have regularly taken samples to gather data for comparison. The studies include taking samples of plastics from various locations for sorting, weighing, and categorizing. The data gathered helps the industry understand the changes and new varieties of plastic waste over time. However, the […]

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